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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Oct 10, 2021

What does it feel like to be totally confident in your body? How would that confidence change your relationship with sex, yourself, and your partner? 

I talk with four incredible women in this episode - Sharelle Grant, Michelle MacDonald, Hattie Boydle, and Danielle Antonellos. We cover so much ground, from where we get our body image cues to whether the pictures of vaginal labia in pornographic content are digitally modified, all the way to the importance of masturbation. Our conversation is dynamic and diverse. We talk about what body confidence is, how to build it, what it takes to have great sex and feel sexy in and out of the bedroom, how to find and create the relationship you want with a romantic partner, and much more. These women live and discuss the small habits and processes that support them (and the women they coach) to build unshakable self-image, deliberate inner confidence, and that can also positively transform your life. 

I hope this episode helps you level up your strategies in honoring and loving yourself even more than you already do. 

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