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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Feb 27, 2022

Today's guest Rori Raye knows what so many of us have been thinking for ages: feminine energy is the origin of the universe and this sexual energy is of the utmost importance. She challenges the notion that women are not inherently sexual beings and warns that far too many women today are getting stuck in "the Girlfriend Trap."

In this episode, Rori and I discuss the pitfalls of using long-term relationships as a distraction and strategies to avoid what Rori calls "the drop into the soup." We also talk about how chemistry developed, ways to "partner through" the tough times in a long-term relationship, and tips for beginning to enjoy sex again with your long-term partner.

Rori is a trained relationship coach, author of the book Have The Relationship You Want, and creator of the Modern Siren. She has developed hundreds of specific tools that have helped thousands of women succeed in love. She also trains coaches worldwide to help women using her unique, experiential method of coaching.

Listen in as Rori talks about why women shouldn't listen to their own chemical attraction, making decisions with feminine energy, and what specific things can make a man fall for you.

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