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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Feb 20, 2022

Today's guest Dr. Laura Meihofer is a physical therapist who specializes in the pelvic floor and the health of the pelvic floor. I never even considered my pelvic floor until after having my children, but I can now confirm that Laura's specialty is something that all women need in our sex lives.

In this episode, Laura and I discuss the role and four main functions of our pelvic floor and how important it is. We talk about the unfortunate trend of doctors discrediting their patients' discomfort and the pervasive instinct to numb ourselves to physical sensation. We also talk about physical sensations in the pelvic region that may be common but are certainly not normal.

Dr. Laura Meihofer is a licensed physical therapist, athletic trainer, and yoga instructor specializing in pelvic floor therapy, which can include pain with intercourse, urinary incontinence, constipation, prolapse, and back/hip pain. Her aim is to connect with those who struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction and practitioners who treat or would like to treat pelvic floor dysfunction.

Listen in to find out how to have great sex and better orgasms, how to recognize signs that your pelvic floor is weak, and why so many women need to put on a pair of socks.

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