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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Jan 23, 2022

Today's guest is the host of The Curious Girl Diaries podcast, Layla London. I absolutely love her podcast and am thrilled to have her on the show to share her story. Layla has been podcasting for six years, loves business, and loves being an entrepreneur. She got so caught up in furthering her career, however, that one day she woke up in her early 40's and realized she hadn't had sex for over three and a half years. That's when she decided to do something about it — and to document the process.

While most people think that great sex just happens, Layla and I discuss the layered benefits of treating sex as an event. She shares her contagious excitement for her experiment along with tips for pinpointing what is missing in your sex life and finding sex-positive partners. We also talk about navigating open relationships and getting comfortable with taking up space in the bedroom.

Listen in to this episode as we tackle ways to navigate traditional gender roles in the bedroom, experimenting with BDSM, and tips for harnessing your sexual energy in all aspects of your life.

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