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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Jan 2, 2022

It is an incredible honor that, in today's episode, I get to interview one of my heroes. Dr. James Pennebaker has been a part of my life without knowing it for many years now, as his work has influenced my life as well as the work that we do at the fertility clinic.

The Ultimate Trauma Busting Toolbox with Dr James Pennebaker

Dr. Pennebaker trained as a social psychologist with an interest in social behavior and groups. He has authored 12 books and over 300 scientific articles and, most notably, has pioneered research in the field of expressive writing as a coping method for dealing with the trauma of unspoken events. His more recent work has been on equally fascinating topics from machine learning to natural languaging.

In this episode, he and I talk about everything you need to know about how to apply the incredibly transformative tool of expressive writing to your own life. I love that he advises that we should all be our own scientists and figure out what works best for us. We also talk about the many ways that traumatic sexual experiences affect future health and how Dr. Pennebaker utilises his own research.

Listen in to learn how much time should pass between the trauma and the writing about the trauma so that the exercise is helpful rather than hurtful and what Dr. Pennebaker means when he says the population has gotten stupider during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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