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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Nov 14, 2021

Music has the power to elicit such strong emotions in us. It gives us a vocabulary and helps us figure out who we are, what we want, and how we express what we want from ourselves and from our partners. 

Today, I have two amazing guests, singers and songwriters ASTON and Pace Randolph, who know a thing or two about how music and lyrics can change our mindset. In this episode, ASTON, Pace, and I discuss what exactly it is about music that appeals to the senses and sensuality. We also talk about how music acts as an education and a conversational starter -- and how recently, through music, I have been able to connect with many parts of myself that turn me on. When it comes to music that gets us in the mood, it all boils down to context rather than content and sometimes it's okay to love music simply for how it makes you feel.

ASTON is a pop singer-songwriter. Her debut EP is out now on all leading music outlets. And you can watch its first single Middle Fingers’ official music video here

Pace Randolph is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His single Push You Further won the 'Best Song' and 'Best Music Video' categories in the Pivot Film Festival, which features 200 people singing to the chorus through compiled duets from TikTok where he has amassed a large following and millions of views. His single Walking in Pieces has been played on Ash London Live in Australia and WEEFF Radio in the Netherlands. Besides making music, he also hosts his podcast Embracing Imperfect.

Listen in to find out which parts of WAP we like and dislike, what's on Gabriela's The Pussy Playlist, and how is music pushing the conversation about sexuality. ASTON and Pace even share some of the songs that turn them on and so many other great tidbits, so I hope this conversation expands your thinking about the role of music in your sexual relationship -- with yourself or with a partner. Content Warning! This episode of TalkSex contains song lyrics with explicit language.

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