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TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Sep 29, 2021

Welcome to the very first episode of TalkSex™ with Gabriela Rosa. 

For most of us all over the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has been relentless. I personally contracted Covid a couple of months ago, once the Delta variant started spreading in Australia. Vaccines were barely available in Australia at the time. Still, luckily, my family and I got through a harrowing two weeks of acute disease and an even longer (and challenging) post-infection period without needing hospitalization. In many ways, we have all been affected by this pandemic, whether we’ve had Covid-19 disease (yet) or not. Covid-19 has also forever influenced how we interact with each other, how we connect, and how we date. The uncertainty about this novel disease has brought up some big questions for reproductive health.

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Leticia Kawano (MD, PhD) and Dr. Marcos Queiroga about the science behind the virus, the vaccine, and sex in the era of Covid. Dr. Marcos Queiroga (MD) is a skilled intensive care unit specialist doctor heading ICUs responsible for managing severe Covid-19 cases in the state of Amazonas, Brazil.

Dr. Leticia Kawano is a pulmonologist and clinical researcher at the University of Sao Paulo and HCor Research Institute. Her research deals with non-invasive support for acute respiratory failure, interstitial lung diseases, and Covid-19. Leticia is also a panel member of the Guideline Development Group of the WHO Living Guidelines on Treatments for Covid-19. The three of us discuss Covid-19 disease, answer questions about the Covid vaccine, its influences on reproductive health, and more.

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